Prague Unitarian Congregation


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If you live in Prague, visit this beautiful city for some time, or just happen to travel through, you may come to visit us.  We are located in the very center of Prague, near the Charles' Bridge.


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Karlova 8
110 00 Praha 1
Telephone: 222 221 361



Entrance to Karlova 8: Headquarters of Religious Society of Czech Unitarians and Prague Unitarian Congregation.  

The "Unitaria Building" where the Sunday services of the Prague Unitarian Congregation take place.


If you would like to contact the minister of the Prague Unitarian Congregation you can contact him at this email address and phone number:



Rev. Dr. Petr Samojský


Telephone: 222 222 207


For more information about us, visit the web pages of the Prague Congregation (in the Czech language only).



Worship Services

in the English Language

Please visit the website

of the English Language group.


Sunday Worship Services

in the Czech Language

Sunday at 10.30 AM

The services take place at Anenská 5, Prague 1.  It is the oposite side of the street block from Karlova 8 (walk by the block and turn twice around the corner).


The regular Sunday services of the Prague Unitarian Church are offered every Sunday at 10.30 AM.  Even though they are led in the Czech language, when we are aware of the visitors who speak only English, we provide a summary of the sermon in English.


If you plan to come to visit us for the first time during our Sunday service and have no knowledge of the Czech language, you don't have to worry about the language barrier; many of the members of our congregation speak English, including the minister.