Náboženská společnost českých unitářů


 Jedno místo, mnoho cest. Mnoho cest, jeden cíl.






As part of the 90th Anniversary of the founding the Prague Unitarian Congregation, which was aso the official beginning of the organization known today as the Religious Society of Czech Unitarians, we invited other Unitarian Universalists from around the world to join us in the International Flower Commnion. It was a wonderful celebration on Sunday, June 10, and we want to thank especially to the international participants, both who were present in person and those who contributed the "virtual flowers".


Video recording on YouTube: Download

(Please excuse sound quality worse at moments; there were unexpected problems with our microphone system)


Coverage from the event:  WordPerfect   Word   PDF

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PowerPoint (PDF) presentation of "virtual flowers" and greetings: Download

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Professional sound recording of the Flower Communion Music: (in progress)

(We will send out information when the recording and notation is available)


The full score, vocal and orchestral parts are available upon request at the Latinum Publishing. Please contact Mr. Lukáš Prchal, e-mail: luprchal@gmail.com.

(Libretto available both in Czech and English Language)




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